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I would like to know how to use the gxine javascript interface from bash shell.

I want to have a bash shell script read out value of running gxine, set things like playlist repeat/loop option, change aspect ratio, change/revert to full screen, read out existing value, and such, all from a shell script.

man gxine tells me to use "--command TEXT" where TEXT is javascript. gxine-{version}/doc/Keybindings-HOWTO has a list of values I am supposed to be able to change, however it does not seem to work. I think I am using it the wrong way.

Update: After fiddling around a while, figured out how to load the playlist.

# load playlist from file
gxine_client 'playlist_load("/mnt/dir/playlist.asx");playlist_play(1);'

# set to repeat whole palylist 
gxine_client 'playlist.repeat.v = true ;'

# set to randomly play songs on playlist
gxine_client 'playlist.random.v = true ;'

# mute sound
gxine_client 'ao_mute.v = true ;'
# unmute sound
gxine_client 'ao_mute.v = false ;'

# toggle fullscreen 
gxine_client 'vo_fullscreen.v = true ;'

Still looking for ways to read out values, like total time of song, number of songs on playlist,etc ...

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Figured out how to load the playlist. <code> gxine_client 'playlist_load("/mnt/dir/playlist.asx");playlist_play(1);' <code> – user42723 Jul 14 '10 at 13:51

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