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Is there an application in windows wherein you can see and manage the available shortcuts:

  • Keyboard shortcuts that calls applications
  • Keyboard shortcuts in applications
  • Built-in Windows shortcuts

So that you can actually see if you are repeating a keyboard shortcut or not. Because often times I tend to assign similar shortcuts to applications. Anything for windows(freeware), if this is available on linux then please share it.

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A previous Super User answer suggests a program called ActiveHotkeys. It lists global hotkeys that work no matter which application is active (in other words, the first and third bullet points above), but can't tell you what they're registered to or help you edit them. – Bavi_H Jul 14 '10 at 4:29
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short answer: no.

longer answer: sometimes shortcuts are specific to a certain program, sometimes they are global (which is then "specific to a global program"). you can not "manage" these shortcuts because they are mostly hardwired into the applications. sometimes you can find a way to globally override shortcuts, but i would not advise to go that route anyway.

so, no, there is no shortcut "manager".

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Is there an application in windows wherein you can see available shortcuts so that you can actually see if you are repeating a keyboard shortcut or not. Often times I tend to assign similar shortcuts to applications.

To some degree, yes. I even wrote one years ago specifically for this purpose.

• Keyboard shortcuts that calls applications

• Built-in Windows shortcuts

Those are the same. By default, Windows Explorer has several hotkeys (mostly using the ⊞ Win key) that perform various actions. These can be disabled with the NoWinKeys registry entry. In addition, Explorer is responsible for the hotkey you set in the properties of a Windows shortcut.

Keyboard shortcuts in applications


It is possible for a program to detect what hotkeys are in use, and it is even possible (using hooks) to find out what programs have allocated which hotkeys. However, there is no way to know what function a hotkey performs. Moreover, when the program that binds a hotkey is not running, then there is no way to detect the use of the hotkey at all.

The only way that a program can provide details like what function a hotkey performs is for the developer to research each program individually to find out what hotkeys it uses and enter them all manually. Worse, many programs allow the user to change, add, and delete hotkeys, which would make it impossible for a program to provide this information.

Is there an application in windows wherein you can … manage the available shortcuts

No, there are no programs that can modify hotkeys in other programs. There might be a (very) small handful of programs that can change the hotkeys of a specific program (among other tasks related to that program), assuming of course that the program’s hotkeys are stored in a manner that is accessible by external programs, but there are certainly no general-purpose programs that can modify hotkeys for any given application.

If all you need is to see a list of taken hotkeys, then there are several options, but if you want to see which programs they are used by, then the only program I have seen which can do it (my own included) is the free Windows Hotkey Explorer.

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