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I'm currently rebuilding a vintage PC (DOS 6.22 only) and I need to replace the IDE CD-ROM.

The one I bought (IDE DVD burner) have the SPDIF (2 pin) and 4 pin audio ports but the drive is labeled "audio port not available". I usually don't care since I can't count the number of years I haven't used these (AFAIK since Windows XP those are useless), but since my PC is a relic, I need them (at least the SPDIF one).

Anyone knows a DVD model (burner or not - still available online) that have working audio ports (I need the SPDIF - 2 pin one)?

PS: The one I bought wasen't advertised as with or without audio ports.

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I ended with an IDE ASUS DVD-E818A4 which have functionnal SPDIF (2 pin) and 4 pin audio ports.

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