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In Windows' Device Manager, how do I identify which USB device is which port (from 3-4 physical ports) on a desktop/laptop?

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Well, you can use USBDeview to identify devices which are currently connected to your USB ports, if that's what you mean. If not, and you wish to identify which device is in what physical port - then no. USB ports are the same.

(technically, they're something of a serial port variety, but you still have to means of differentiating between them - unlike old COMs)

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thanks for the USBDeview, this pretty much made it, the neat thing is that it keeps tracks of "Last Pluged/Unplug Data" so you can identify the device (physical to logical) easily, so I could solve my problem. thanks – Tiberiu Hajas Jul 15 '10 at 17:01

The different physical connections in a USB hub are not in any way electrically distinct. It's a "bus" architecture (hence 'USB'), so, no there's not really any way to do what you're asking.

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