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I'm trying to get Wine installed on Snow Leopard but have run into a few roadblocks.

First I saw this page:

Since the link to the pre-built binary seemed to link to some other (similar but different?) program called WineBottler, I decided to try to go with MacPorts or Fink. So, first to try MacPorts:

I downloaded the dmg, and was told I needed Xcode to install it. However, in order to download Xcode I need to be registered as an Apple Developer?

So I scrapped that and went to Fink instead... which also needs Xcode: All I want to do is run a windows app on Snow Leopard. Do I seriously need to sign up as an apple developer first?

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If you have an iTunes account, it's the same login for the Apple Developer. WineBottler is not a bad choice. It is basically the Wine code boxed into an easy-to-use OS X application. MacPorts or Fink might be overkill just to run Wine.

Also consider running Windows in a VM such as VirtualBox, VMware Fusion, or Parallels. In my experience, virtual machines are much more stable than Wine for running Windows applications.

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Right, but then you need to actually own a Windows license. – MDMarra Jul 14 '10 at 12:03

I think u can find XCODE on the OS (Snow Leopard) disc somewhere

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