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I have a file that contains a set of signals, each with binary data that changes other time.

Something like this:

clk : 0011001100110011
sig1: 0001000100010001
sig2: 0111100010011011

I am looking for a way to display this data visually. I am thinking of using one of the Waveform viewers from this list. For that I will have to convert my file to the format of the chosen viewer.

Which viewer and format would you recommend me to use?

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what is it that you want to display? Do the binary numbers encode something else? What are they representing? If they do not encode anything else, why not just stick with the text representation? Or you could just use some kind of normal visualization software like Gnuplot or Matlab? –  bastibe Jul 14 '10 at 14:34
@Paperflyer. Thanks, Gnuplot seems like a good direction, I didn't know this software. While reading about Gnuplot I also found an example at sigrok.org/wiki/Input_output_formats (the bottom most), which is just about what I need –  Igor Oks Jul 14 '10 at 20:12
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