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Using a stock Firefox install of 3.6.6 install, there's no close button if there is only one tab open. Here's the current behavior when I middle-click on that tab:

  • nothing happens

Here's the behavior I want when I middle-click on that tab:

  • web page disappears
  • same tab remains, but it's now blank

How can I make Firefox behave this way? I've had it before, but I don't know if it was an addon (likely TabMix Plus) or a tweak I made to the stock browser?

I really want this without installing addons, but I accept that an addon may be required.

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In about:config, set


to false.

Edit: This works on my iMac; doesn't on my macbook. No idea what's different, YMMV.

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This does not put a close button on the tab. It does allow me to close the tab w/ a middle click (which flashes a close button on the tab, for an instant, as it's closing). When the tab closes, a blank tab immediately replaces it. The browser does not close. That'll do until I can get TabMixPlus. – lance Jul 21 '10 at 21:23
In Preferences | Tabs, unticking "Always show the tab bar" will allow that only remaining tab to actually go away. Close-buttons are controlled by another about:config variable, "browser.tabs.closeButtons". This page in Mozilla's Knowlegebase describes the possible values and their behaviors: . – JRobert Jul 21 '10 at 22:20

Tab mix plus does this, but you have to do a little tweak to it go to Tab Mix Plus Options -> Events -> Tab Closing -> Closing Last tab, and check "Do not close window when closing last tab".

EDIT: There is no way to do this without tab mix plus.

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