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We have just bought a Sony DSC-W310 digital camera.

Our old Sony camera came with Image Transfer software that would automatically transfer all photos on the camera into a chosen location in a folder for the current date. This software would run when the camera was plugged in.

Temporarily we used a small 512Mb Memory Stick Pro Duo card that we had and this worked with the Image Transfer software. However, we bought a larger 8Gb SD card for it (it takes both Memory Stick and SD Card). The card works great but is no longer compatible with our Image Transfer software :(

Does anyone have any ideas that could get the Image Transfer software working (registry hacks etc)?

Alternatively is there any free software that can do what I want (automatically copy files to folder inside sub-folder for today's date and then delete the files from the camera) or will I have to write a utility myself??? This must be a common need.

Thanks for any help.


P.S. The software that came with it looks far too heavy-weight for my needs. It is more of a photo management app rather than the simple utility I am after.

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Have you tried Google's Picasa? I use it for various different cameras & scanners etc. Should do everything you need (although the deleting does not work for me from PC -> camera, I assume it is camera specific).

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Thanks Phill. I do use Picasa but I wanted a completely automated transfer process (i.e. plug in, copy, delete). My solution was to use the software from a Canon camera that we have. – Alan Spark Jul 15 '10 at 12:12

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