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I used to visit a few sites in different country. But now i have travelled to my home country and saw that domain name is not resolving.

However if I use IP address then I can see the website.

How can I correct the problem?

Do I have to call my ISP?

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Set your DNS servers to a publicly available one. Here's a list of Publicly Available DNS Servers.

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thanks buddy , it worked – Moorage Jul 15 '10 at 3:13
@Moorage If it worked, you should click on the tick mark next to the question! It will mark it as solved and give credit to person who posted it. – AndrejaKo Jul 15 '10 at 9:11

Try using google's dns - and

For a test, you can execute the following command



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Which country? Does your government require ISPs to filter out certain domain-names?

If so, do the DNS outside your country (VPN systems, etc).

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