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How can I make and upload a torrent file?

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superuser is for computer hardware and software related questions only. This is considered off topic as defined by the site scope laid out in the FAQ. – Josh K Jul 15 '10 at 13:27
You're probably best not asking here, this is like asking "How do I create a Word document." Better to visit one of the torrent help pages. – Josh K Jul 15 '10 at 13:28
I don't see why this should be off-topic, the only problem I see is that @Rounak should try and formulate what he tried himself, before asking such a 'basic' task when wanting to torrent a file. – Ivo Flipse Jul 15 '10 at 14:52

uTorrent has a detailed explanation including every detail you should know to create and upload a torrent:

How to Make a Torrent

I'd like to point out the things you must consider beforehand:

Things to consider before making a torrent

  • Before you make a torrent, it would be wise to pick a site and review its policies and rules, which can be found in their FAQ section.
  • Your site of choice may have restrictions about content; some do not allow porn, some specialize in specific type of content (such as music, or anime).
  • Your site of choice may also have some specific requirements about content and demand that you add some extras to your torrent such as signature files and ads.
  • Some public sites require registration for uploading; all private sites do.
  • It is important to consider the size of your content for two reasons: first, not everyone has sufficient disk space for very large torrents; and second, larger torrents require longer seeding times. In such cases consider making multiple torrents based on some practical partition such as years, season, parts.
  • Before making your torrent, select your content's location carefully as it will have to remain there (during initial seeding at least).
  • The files in your content must not be modified after you have made the torrent, as this would cause corruption in the torrent.
  • Make sure the files are not in use while you make the torrent.
  • There is no need to compress multiple files into one archive. Many torrenters find it annoying. It also requires twice the space: once for the original and once for the archive.
  • You may wish to make a torrent for exclusive distribution among friends and family. In such case, you may choose to distribute your torrent in some other manner.
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TorrentFreak: How to create a Torrent explains this in detail.

If you want to put your torrent online, go to the website and look for a place to upload the .torrent.

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  1. First click on File. (in BitTorrent).
  2. Click on Create New Torrent.
  3. If you want to add a file, click on Add file and add the file you want. Clicking on add file will attach a single file.
  4. If You want to attach a folder, click on Add Directory.
  5. Note down the Trackers. You may need it.
  6. Click on Create and save as...

A torrent file will be saved. Open it and it will be uploaded.

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