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To be clear, I'm asking this as someone with an Exchange e-mail account, not an Exchange administrator.

I've poked around in box Outlook and Outlook Web Access but I don't see where this information is displayed. All I know is that when I do run out of space I get an e-mail message telling me my box is full...

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Here is a step by step guide but basically you right click on the mailbox and click properties.

According to this there is a faster way:

  • Tools
  • Mailbox Cleanup
  • View Mailbox Size
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Sweet! This is at least half of what I'm needing, I can now see how much storage I'm using... I still don't see how much space I have left / total space available though. Do I just need to find out from an administrator how much they've allocated my account? – silent__thought Jul 31 '09 at 16:29
Correct. The default is normally around the 500MB - 1GB range. Just pop them an e-mail and ask. Or it would be somewhere in the company computer use policy. – BinaryMisfit Jul 31 '09 at 16:32

In Outlook, right click on your root 'Mailbox' folder and click Properties.

On the 'General' tab, there's a button called 'Folder Size...' - click this button.

The window that then pops up has a 'Server' tab which gives you all the information you need.

(Note that these instructions were written using Outlook 2007)

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It varies depending upon which Outlook client you're using.

In Outlook for Mac (Office 365 version, which is also Outlook 15), you right-click the Inbox (or other folder you want to inspect), choose Properties, then select the Storage tab.

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