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I have various windows with the same title "MyTitle" across different running applications, which also have other windows with unique titles.

Is there a way I can programmatically cause all of these windows to minimize in an equivalent way to clicking the yellow minimize button?

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To go across all applications you will need to enable “GUI scripting” and use System Events.

Open the Universal Access preference pane and make sure “Enable access for assistive devices” is checked.

Then this AppleScript should be close to what you want:

set searchString to "whatever"
tell application "System Events"
    repeat with aWindow in ¬
        (get windows of (application processes whose visible is true) ¬
            whose name contains searchString)
        set aWindow to contents of aWindow
        if aWindow is not missing value and ¬
            (exists attribute "AXMinimized" of aWindow) then ¬
            set value of attribute "AXMinimized" of aWindow to true
    end repeat
end tell
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I get: error "Can’t get attribute \"AXMinimized\" of {}." number -1728 from attribute "AXMinimized" of {} on Mavericks. – e40 Feb 13 '14 at 11:16
@e40: Try changing (get windows of …) to just (windows of …). – Chris Johnsen Feb 13 '14 at 20:20
That worked!! Thanks! I really appreciate it. I'm a noob to applescript and I was banging my head on this one. – e40 Feb 14 '14 at 0:22

This can likely be done with applescript. I know that you can minimize a single application with this code.

tell application "Safari"
set miniaturized of window 1 to true
end tell 

You can probably select the windows based on their title, you should be able to use the same "set min..." command though.

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