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I have a new Windows XP SP3 installation and it came with Powershell freshly installed. However, when I run it, it gives me the familiar black & white CMD view. I really - really - prefer the default PS settings. How can I enable them?

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This is a normal function of Windows console subsystem.

Selecting properties from the system menu (right click on the title bar) to select active colours (and configure them: you can make blue output red for instance, just to confuse yourself) position, size and so forth.

This configuration is held in the shortcut so you can create a number of shortcuts with different configurations. Very helpful if you have multiple PSH sessions open.

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In PowerShell, click the icon (Yes, the icon that rarely has anything useful) and click Properties. Select the tab Colors and select the colors you want. The default "blue" background is the 6th one from the left.

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