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My computer is Dell optiplex 380, OS is windows xp sp3 with lastest update. Driver details:

Title: Audio: Realtek ALC269 HD Audio Driver
Version    : A02
OEM name   : Realtek
OEM Version: 5874

The drivers are installed from driver disk and shouldn't have any problem.

My problem is, the left side of my headphone has strong noise, no matter I change the headphone, or change audio output port in front of the case or back of the case, the problem still exist.

Any ideas?

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You are correct to first try a new set of headphones, and a different output jack, to eliminate cabling and headphones as potential problems.

Here's the product page for the Realtek ALC 269

You might try the High Definition Audio Codecs driver direct from Realtek and see if that works any better.

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Wiring is likely to be the issue. Try a different pair of headphones. – Force Flow Sep 19 '10 at 22:00

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