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I can modify my .xinitrc file to exec /opt/local/bin/wmaker, and get WindowMaker 0.90.2 as my window manager in X11.app. I'd like to use quartz-wm not as a window manager, but to provide the pasteboard integration with Aqua using the --only-proxy flag (see the man page). If I add the following line to .xinitrc:

exec /usr/bin/quartz-wm --only-proxy &

then WindowMaker never starts, complaining that there's already a window manager running. Is it possible to get the two to play nicely together, or is proxy feature part of the Xquartz server now? It seems that the Xquartz manpage has a number of pasteboard-to-clipboard synchronisation settings, but it's not clear whether quartz-wm needs to be running for those to work.

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You need to execute window manager after quartz-wm:

/usr/bin/quartz-wm --only-proxy & exec /opt/local/bin/wmake

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