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For a robotics project, I have a really low-spec Linux box (76MB ram, 729MHz processor, relatively good video card...yes, we're talking about a Nintendo Wii here) which I want to use to stream video from a webcam over the network. I will be connecting one client to it on LAN (with the slowest link being 100MBit ethernet). I need to have as little latency as possible for this because the video will be my only remote control feedback mechanism.

The computer which I will be viewing the stream on is a crappy laptop with an "integrated graphics" card, so I need something relatively lightweight.

The webcam can film in up to 1280x1024, bonus points for transmitting at that resolution.

I need some command line software which can read from the webcam and stream the video in a lightweight manner which can preferably be read by mplayer. Bonus points for toggleable audio or HD screenshots on demand.

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Have a look at VideoLAN, especially the "VideoLAN streaming solution" chapter in the FAQ

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Good, except that it gives "Invalid Instruction" when run on the wii, and building from source is not possible due to missing dependencies in Lenny's package management system. – marcusw Jul 17 '10 at 19:40

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