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after playing about with Ubuntu 10.04, one of the interesting things I noticed was that you could embed a terminal in gedit. Is there a similar plugin that would enable me to embed a Powershell (or a command prompt) window into notepad ++?

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Yes, PowerShell_ISE.exe (which comes with PowerShell), PowerGUI, PowerShell Plus, and Visual Studio all have PowerShell consoles below the editors ... and can use PowerShell to manipulate the IDE.

But what you're asking for is the NppExec plugin ... although it cannot manipulate the IDE ;-)

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No there isn't as far as I can see, why not switch to a Powershell window or use a real IDE?

Eclipse can do this for example...

Edit: Maybe gedit for Windows is a better option! :-D

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Yeah, notepad++ isn't an IDE. It's great for quick tests and text editing/highlighting, but it isn't designed for real development. – Hello71 Jul 16 '10 at 17:07
Wasn't happy with the answer, went to search and saw that gedit can be used on Windows. :-) – Tom Wijsman Jul 16 '10 at 17:20

If you want to use Powershell you should look at a more powerfull IDE. PowerGui.Org makes a great free system management and script editor.

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NotePad++ comes primed with the NppExec plugin.
One of its many features is a Console Window... It has its quirks, but it may suit your needs.
I've found it most useful when it is associated with a shortcut such as CTRL+~
Tied to the Dialog-Toggle internal-command, CTRL+~ makes the console very accessible. (of course the choice of shortcut-keys is personal)
You can set the window's properties (size, colour, and more) via
menu --> Plugins --> NppExec ...
The shortcut-hotkey can be set via
menu --> Settings --> Shortcut mapper --- Plugin Commands -- Toggle Console Dialog
The items in the list are displayed (but not labeled) in per-Plugin-groups, so they seem a bit random...

I haven't quite worked out "what and why", but I've found that I need to shell-out (in the same window) to start some commands.. eg. prompt> cmd /c tr.exe --help
It is not identical to the NotePad++ edit windows; it has copy/paste and its own Find-bar (Firefox-style).
I hope this helps.

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You should try PowerGUI Editor.

It autocompletes commands and variables and other nice stuff. And it if free.

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