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How can I securely connect to a Windows XP machine and then cause the current user to be logged out?

I only need console access for the remote connection and could use non-MS software.

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I think you could do this with

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If I recall correctly: If you are running WinXP Pro on the host, you should be able to setup Remote Desktop. Then use RDP client on the remote. Since XP is a client software, it doesn't support concurrent users - when you RDP to the host, the current session automatically terminates. Note that when the remote session logs in, it shows up on the host machine - a local use could mistakenly believe that they are the only session in use and try to type/use the mouse... I don't know of any way to lock out the host user. Other remote access software often have a way to put up a screen or blank out the host screen and ignore the mouse/keyboard, but don't know that RDP has. But... RDP is free for XP Pro.

As for XP Home, yeah, you have to go with a third party software.

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when you connect to an XP Pro machine via rdp, the local session is locked so that a local user would have to hit ctrl+alt+del and enter a password to unlock and use the PC. This would also disconnect the rdp session. – KutscheraIT Dec 21 '10 at 10:09

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