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Is there a keyboard shortcut for 'Title Case' in Word 2010? If not, how can I create one?

I do know of Shift+F3 for 'Change Case', but this shortcut toggles through uppercase, lowercase and title case.

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You can't create shortcuts, either use the ALT navigation or press Shift+F3 multiple times,
there shouldn't be a problem pressing a keyboard shortcut twice to reach Title Case...

What you can do is create a quick access item and use Alt with a number, see this page.

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thank you. it helped. – input Jul 17 '10 at 11:51

I found a useful macro template at .

Reproduced here:

Sub TitleCase()
    Dim lclist As String
    Dim wrd As Integer
    Dim sTest As String

    ' list of lowercase words, surrounded by spaces
    lclist = " of the by to this is from a "

    Selection.Range.Case = wdTitleWord

    For wrd = 2 To Selection.Range.Words.Count
        sTest = Trim(Selection.Range.Words(wrd))
        sTest = " " & LCase(sTest) & " "
        If InStr(lclist, sTest) Then
            Selection.Range.Words(wrd).Case = wdLowerCase
        End If
    Next wrd
End Sub

This macro lets you adjust titles so that words of your choice (typically short words, conjunctions, etc.) are not capitalized.

See also for detailed comments on capitalization styles.

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To change the first letter as upper case select the word or sentence you want to change and press shift+f3 once.

If you press shift+f3 twice then the whole sentence will be changed. This key is for both upper and lower cases.

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