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I have an email account, thorugh Microsoft Outlook Web Access. I have more than 4000 mails and would like to delete all of them, but I only manage to open 1 page (there are 200 or more) and have to select individually all the emails I want to delete.

Is it there a fastest way to do this? Commandline, etC?

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This might not be the quickest solution, but for selecting a mass number of checkboxes easily I use a nice greasemonkey script where you can shift+click select a bunch of checkboxes in a range. Unfortunately I've lost the original link, but I think this script might do the job. Another one works by drawing a box, available here.

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In addition (or instead of) using Greasemonkey I recommend to download iMacros for Firefox (a web browser macro recorder). While Greasemonkey is great for changing page content, iMacros is better for quicky and easy web automation: Start iMacros, open your web mail account and record a short script that does the deletion for one emai. Then run it in a loop 5000 times. Tip: From my experience when testing/automating complex websites with it, you might need to tweak the macro a bit after recording before it works. But once it works, it is amazing ;)

PS: The same approach is shown here for deleting all facebook wall posts.

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