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Uploading photos to my Picasa Web Album is hanging. It starts out just fine, good speed, but then after about 5-10 photos, it doesn't upload as quickly, and it eventually just hangs. I end up killing the Picasa3 process and starting the program up again to restart the upload.

What is causing Picasa to be slow and hang when uploading photos? Is there a setting that should be set?

I constantly get the (retrying) message next to my upload progress percentage/bar.

  • I'm using Picasa3 program on my Macbook Pro.
  • I'm uploading some large albums (50-150 photo albums)
  • The photos are high-quality
  • Checking/Unchecking "Conserve bandwidth" doesn't help
  • I do have broadband which performs well, it's just Picasa that's slow
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Are there any videos in the album you are uploading?

Those upload significantly slower than photos.

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No there aren't. But great point. +1 – spong Jul 19 '10 at 4:17

Have you manually updated to the latest version of Picasa? I find the built in updater doesn't always find the latest version. If not, do you have the same issue with the latest verion? (which may be 3.6.7)

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I have the latest version (3.6.7), which I'm having these issues with. – spong Jul 19 '10 at 4:44
Try reinstalling the latest version (via manual download) and also try rolling back to a previous version and seeing if you still have the same issue (you may want to try on a test duplicate set of photos just in case the latest version changes any library data) – Josh Newman Jul 19 '10 at 12:36

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