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I recently bought one of these USB headsets against my own better judgement, and it's really costing my sanity at this point. Previously when using a standard jack, I just used a splitter so I could split off the things I was doing with my TV or headset, I could just turn the TV off or the headset volume down should I want to use one at a time.

Now, along comes this USB headset and I find that I can't choose for the sound of 1 application to pipe to 2 different devices on Windows; How can I solve this? Does any software out there exist for this purpose?

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Unfortunately, Windows processes sound through either one device or the other. My experience is that if you need usb sound for some reason, you're better off with something like this that let's you plug in anything you want (including a splitter, and at <$4 the price is right, too).

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Yeah, I didn't need USB sound. It's just that pretty much the only thing available in Wal-mart now are these USB headphones. I really didn't have a choice unless I wanted to order my headset online and wait a week for delivery (not feasible because I had some business that REQUIRED me to have a headset NOW.) – ThantiK Jul 19 '10 at 12:57

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