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  1. Load Safari 5.0 on mac.
  2. Press command+f to search for some text.
  3. Type something, and find it on the page.
  4. Hit esc to cancel the search.
  5. Irritatingly, get word completion menu rather than canceling.

Is there any way to make esc cancel the search, like it used to with Safari 4.0, instead of pulling up a word completion dialog? It's very annoying. Failing that, what's the best way to cancel the search with the keyboard?

Note: this also happens in any text field, the search box, the location bar etc.

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Do you have any extensions enabled? I'm running Safari 5.0 (6533.16) for Mac OS X 10.6, following your steps precisely, and I'm exiting the search rather than getting spell-check. – waiwai933 Jul 19 '10 at 5:46
nope. I thought it might be glims, but it turns out it's not. I have removed all extensions, but I'm still getting this behavior. – Peter Jul 19 '10 at 6:01
By spell check menu, do you mean word completion menu? I get that with option-Esc. – mckeed Jul 19 '10 at 14:49
yep, word completion menu. but no option required... – Peter Jul 19 '10 at 16:59

I have had the same problem. I eventually traced it to some emacs-style custom keybindings I had installed.

Check if this file exists and delete it, then log out and in again:

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Like the above commenters, I can't replicate this either (option-escape is what works for me), but have a look in the Keyboard section of System Preferences - under Keyboard Shortcuts you can specify extra keyboard shortcuts - perhaps you have an extra Service installed?

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