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I want to create plugins on my own. Before doing that, I am trying to run the samples given in the Indesign sdk samples. I am using Mac, I downloaded the entire eclipse archive and set the indesgn cs5 sdk in the preference of eclipse. If i run some samples like BasicDialog, it is running successful and plugin is created. And for other samples like transparencyeffectui, I am getting only build is successful but no plugin is created. I dont know why this is happening for other samples.

And the another main problem is, I copied the plugin created for BasicDialog and pasted it inside the plugin folder of indesign. But when i open my indesign cs5, I am getting the following message

"Adobe Indesign cannot load the BasicDialog.sdk.IndesignPlugin plug-in. The BasicDialog.sdk.IndesignPlugin plug-in requires the debug version of Indesign. Please contact the vendor to get a compatible version of BasicDialog.sdk.IndesignPlugin."

I dont know where to get the debug version of indesign cs5, can anyone tell me where it is available ?

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You should call/email whoever sold you the software, or Adobe. Adobe would definitely be able to point you in the right direction.

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