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I need to test something using ftp.

Is there some public server allowing ftp access to its files? What is a good way to search for such servers?

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Both and have an odd assortment of files, perhaps linked to from other places. – Bavi_H Jul 20 '10 at 1:25
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If you only need anonymous read ftp access, you could of course find some Linux mirrors

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Instead of looking for an open public server, you may want to take a USB drive (or use your hard drive) to run an install-free, easily set up FTP server. Portable apps like Quick'n Easy FTP Server would work (Windows only). It isn't hard to install your own FTP server on your local machine for testing.

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on some free hosting services you can upload files via FTP (but some of them restrict file types to upload).

you can also use solution from @thepurplepixel (another answer). if you have to access from a computer of other network but the host FTP server has not a real IP, you can download a software from to allow you to access it.

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