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How do I make variables auto-complete in Notepad++? Many editors have it.

I'm working on a program scan file. For every string that begins with a $ character, as soon as I type $, it would show me a drop down list of all variables I have used so far.

This is very useful where there are long_descriptive_variables in code, and I think it is a better way of programming than doing it like $a, $b, $c, but without autocompletion there is more room for error when typing these variables.

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can I suggest to use netbeans for php? it's free and very useful with auto-completition for vars, functions , if statement ... – khaled_webdev Jan 9 '13 at 7:53
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According to this link:

This feature is disabled by default, but a quick trip to the Preferences will get you using the new auto-complete feature in no time at all. Go to Settings -> Preferences, and switch to the Backup/Auto-competion tab. At the bottom of that screen you’ll see where you can enable auto-completion, and you can optionally turn on the “show function parameters” feature as well. What’s that do? Here’s an example of me using a PHP function, and you’ll notice that it gives me a friendly reminder of the parameters the function takes:

Keep in mind this is only supported in Notepad++ 5.0 or later...

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You can use word completion with Ctrl-Enter to autocomplete any word in your document, including your functions, definitions, vars, et cetera.

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Notepad++ (v5.5) cannot auto-complete variables or functions you have declared, just language function names and possibly their arguments.

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Notepad++ do auto complete through following steps:

Settings > Preferences > Backup/Auto-Completion 

Under the section "Auto-Completion", you can change the settings.

Enable auto-completion on each input > Word Completion

Through this, we get variables autocompleted.

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