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Is anyone aware of a site similar to pastebin but which allows "real" private pastes? ( read, require user/password or token to see the edit )

Paste bin has this "private" mode where if you prepend a magic word ( say : ) only those with the correct url may see the post, but I don't think this prevents from robots to crawl the site.

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up vote 1 down vote accepted allows you to make private pastes, as a bonus you can run your code to test output. If you click the small question mark beside private, it will explain that search engines should not be able to crawl them.

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Private pastes at codepad are exactly same as pastebin. – MicTech Aug 5 '09 at 19:08

You can get pastebin source code and deploy on your server or hosting. And secure with password. Or look to some other open source pastebin app.

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GitHub's Gists can be marked as private, which will only allow you to see them. You can't, afaik, add collaborators (like you can in full-fledged projects), so anyone who wants to see it has to have an ssh key added to your account. That would be a good idea to put to them, though.

share|improve this answer allows to protect your pastes by password. A search engine bot will get only a page where will be written that the paste is password protected.

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I think you're going to have to make some compromises between convenience and privacy. Sites on a similar vein to pastebin are never going to guarantee any high level of privacy.

Sites where you can share encrypted rar files of code would allow pretty much guaranteed privacy, but obviously with the loss of pastebin-esque functionality.

I stumbled upon, which appears to offer sending and displaying of password protected encrypted messages, but it looks like it requires registration.

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