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Try as I might, I can't get the "add" button in the VPN section of the Network Manager to not be greyed out.

Any ideas? I've installed all the PPTP & OpenVPN packages that people have suggested. And I've also defaulted the network interfaces file. Still grey.

I'm using Kubuntu 10.04 and have also done all the recent dist-upgrades etc.

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You need to install plugins for the network manager, I don't know what they're called in ubuntu, but the pptp plugin in debian is for example called 'network-manager-pptp-gnome' (that's with gnome UI). This has a dependency on PPTP so you don't need to install that explicitly.


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Did all of this. It hasn't helped. – Matt H Aug 2 '10 at 4:01
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In case others read this.

I never did get the PPTP VPN working in Network Manager under Kubuntu 10.04. The Add button was always greyed out.

But, today I upgraded to 10.10 Maverick Meerkat release and it's now available. So it seems the answer is to upgrade.

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