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I use AWN dock on Linux (which behaves much like Windows 7 panes, using one icon for launching an application and managing its windows). It loses Skype (as well as any other application) when it goes minimized to system tray (notification area). Can I disable Skype from minimizing to system tray favouring Win7-like behaviour?

Skype version I use is 2.1 beta, but I would not mind reinstalling it in favour of another version.

I use Arch Linux with all the latest kernel, and xfce.

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According to Skype Linux main developer, there is no such option, XML-hackable or other (fresh info as of beta). Your best bet is to look for a window manager or a component for it that let's you hide your tray icons in a generic way.

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There is still no such option as of – lkraav Dec 25 '12 at 0:47

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