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How do I get a program to run automatically every time I unlock the screen in Ubuntu?

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Could be done using the dbus API

(perl example copied from and slightly changed to catch screensaver going on and off)

my $cmd = "dbus-monitor --session \"type='signal',interface='org.gnome.ScreenSaver',member='ActiveChanged'\"";

open (IN, "$cmd |");

while (<IN>) {

    if (m/^\s+boolean true/) {

        print "*** Session is idle ***\n";

    } elsif (m/^\s+boolean false/) {

        print "*** Session is no longer idle ***\n";



Next, allow the script to be run:

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/sbin/

Add the script to the Sessions manager (System>Preferences>Sessions) so that it starts with your login using this command:

perl /usr/local/sbin/

hope this helps

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