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There's an option http_proxy which should allow access through proxy, but it's not clear whether this should be in the command line, .hgrc or some global variable.

I tried it in the command line:

hg server_

but I still get a Connection timed out error.

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It's actually an environment variable, so try http_proxy=http://proxy_server:4242 hg ... (replace 80 with whatever port your proxy is running on.)

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May also need export: export http_proxy=... – nobar May 2 at 18:35

I can successfully use the following command:

hg clone <TheURl> <Optional Folder Name><proxy URL>

And obviously by replacing any <> instances with the relevant details.

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You can setup proxy authentication in .hgrc file.

It store in ~/.hgrc. Here is an example.


Note: I currently use SourceTree app on Mac OSX.

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