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How do I turn on spell checking for skype. iChat does it so I am keen to have it for Skype aswell?

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Does this work?

For those of you using Skype for Mac, you can switch on spell checking in instant messages by right-clicking the message box, and choosing Spelling and Grammar > Check Spelling While Typing


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I tried it but it doesn't seem to have any effect. – Paul R Jul 23 '10 at 9:21

For Windows I would recommend Ursa Spell Checker. I use it for a few languages. It works automatically. Very useful prog

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is it free to use .? – Saif Nov 4 '15 at 4:34

The answer is

Unfortunately, Skype doesn't have a spell checking feature available yet.
Maybe sometime in the future but I'm not holding my breath.

But you can use this tinyspell check program . its totally free.

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