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I have a mp3 file which is flagged as a 'System File' according to Windows 7.

Is there a way to change this file back to a 'Normal' file?

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"System files" in Windows 7 are files tagged with the following two attributes:

  • Archive
  • System

"Hidden system files" in Windows 7 are files tagged with the following three attributes:

  • Archive
  • Hidden
  • System

To reset "System files", simply run the following command:

attrib -A -S file.ext

To reset "Hidden System files", run the following:

attrib -A -H -S file.ext
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Try running "attrib -S filename" from a command prompt.

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If it's flagged as a system file, it might also be flagged as a hidden file, so open command prompt, then cd C:\path\to\folder and then attrib -h -s song.mp3. The minus sign means removing an attribute, 'h' stands for hidden, 's' stands for system. For adding an attribute, change -h to +h.

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To change all files in the folder put * instead of file name - this can save a lot of time.

attrib -A -H -S *
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your suggestion is basically the accepted answer already. – Sickest Feb 20 '14 at 18:27

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