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I don't know why but I suddenly cannot access the documents and settings folder in windows 7. It has the pad lock icon on it. And whenever I try to change the settings in the properties>Security tab. And allow full control to everyone. It just returned an error: alt text

Can this be associated with virus or malware

And one more thing when I tried to end process for explorer.exe. And started it again. The pad lock icon is gone. And the document and settings folder now looks like a link. How do I solve this?

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Normally Documents and Settings does not actually exist on Windows7, though some areas of windows pretends it does for backwards compatibility. It actually redirects to C:\Users. So try that path instead (or perhaps E:\Users in your case).

For more information:

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Document and Settings folder in Windows 7 is hidden and not accessible by default.

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Have you scanned you computer with a recovery disk to see if it finds a virus, malware or rootkit?


Might be a good start

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