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Global search in Thunderbird 3.1.1 on Mac OS X 10.6 does not work. It is enabled in the preferences.

I am searching on text that is in message bodies or subjects. I have also tried searching on email addresses. Thunderbird searches forever and never shows results. I have tried searching Mozilla knowledge base and forums, but have not found any solutions.

Any suggestions on how solve this, or at least some diagnostics I can do?

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I know that when I first installed TB3 I had to leave it "online" or else it wouldn't index.

This add on might help too:

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TB3 has been online long enough on my system to have indexed everything. When I open the activity monitor while it is downloading I occasionally see it adding to the index. The add-on looks interesting. I am not sure how to inturprert it. When I search for word in a message that is on disk and has an ID I still do not get results. – railmeat Jul 24 '10 at 5:38
I had similar problems to you, and the forums at TB3 were not much help, so all I can tell you is what worked for me... The add-on I pasted in can limit the accounts that are indexed. In my ase I had 4, and only wanted one indexed. Things started working after I did that AND deleted my global-messages-db.sqlite (the file that stores the indexes). How big is yours? – NinjaCat Jul 24 '10 at 7:39

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