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I'm new to Evernote, and really like it so far. One really annoying bug is that if I paste anything into a note, an empty space gets inserted at the end of each line. This happens no matter where I copy/paste from. I've tried it in Notepad, Notepad++, Firefox. I've reported this as a bug to Evernote.

My question really is - does anyone else get the same problem? Has anyone found a way around it (other than ignoring the extra whitespace)?

I want to use Evernote for code snippets - so I'd be pasting from Evernote. I don't want to be pasting extra spaces into all my code. So for now, I can't use this for code snippets. Shame, as it would work really well.

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To answer my own question - it turns out that using the OS global "clip current selection" keyboard shortcut doesn't produce this bug. So I can do that instead of using copy/paste.

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Note that this now seems to be fixed in Evernote 4.

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