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Currently on my C drive I have this weird situation

alt text

and I can't get what file / files / directory is filling the HD space up as I have nothing installed on C that could get that high space

maybe a Virtual Image from VMWare but I wanted to have a software that would tell me where my HD space is by directory...

Is there any kinda tool to help me out?

alt text

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Have a look at TreeSize Free here:

Or WinDirStat here:

There are many more tools out there, even FileMenuTools has one:

PerfectDisk is also capable of listing the disk usage on a per directory basis:


FolderSize is another freeware:

SequoiaView is a tool inspired by WinDirStat and such:

Scanner has a different display approach:

When it comes to displaying folder size in the status bar, the Explorer component of ClassicShell may help out:

RidNacs is another tiny one I came across some time ago:

A Java software on this topic is JDiskReport:

There's also a free version of Folder Visualizer available:

Credits go to

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thank you, TreeSize was exactly what I wanted... takes a while but it provided very useful information :) – balexandre Jul 22 '10 at 21:42
I love WinDirStat myself. – steve.lippert Jul 22 '10 at 21:43
Unfortunately, none integrate with the native windows size column – TheLQ Jul 23 '10 at 4:19
@Lord - That would be really resource expensive and also would need some messing around with the explorer.. which is not acceptable. – Shiki Jul 23 '10 at 7:23
@Lord, @Shiki: Maybe that's the reason why MS changed the API, so that in general useful tools like folder size ( do not work anymore. – Andreas Jul 23 '10 at 7:41

Try xplorer² It is "For all private and academic users".

Explore and use Ctrl+D to show subfolder size :)

I did not test with Vista...

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I had donate for that project before and didn't even know that part :o) – balexandre Feb 8 '11 at 8:51

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