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How can I find the GUID of my DirectX/Direct3D graphics device in Windows 7? I need to put it in a registry entry.

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To find the graphics device GUID your will first need to run the dxdiag tool. You can run the tool by typing Win Key+R. Enter dxdiag in the box and hit "OK".

Once the tool is open select "Save All Information". Save the text file somewhere like the desktop and then open it in a text editor.

You will see a section in the file called Display. In the Display section find the "Device Identifier". This should be the GUID you are looking for.

Display Devices
       Card name: My Card Name
       Manufacturer: My Card Corp


       WHQL Logo'd: n/a
       WHQL Date Stamp: n/a
       Vendor ID: 0xFFFF
       Device ID: 0xFFFF
       SubSys ID: 0xFFFFFFFFF
       Revision ID: 0xFFFF
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Oh. I was already in dxdiag, but i thought "Save All Information" would just save what i saw to a text file. Gotta try it though, thanks! – slightlyparallel Jul 23 '10 at 17:40

Are you looking for the graphics card GUID? It can be obtained through Device Manager by right-clicking on the device, selecting Properties > Details tab, and selecting "Device Class GUID" from the drop-down menu.

alt text

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I was there, but I thought the device class was a GUID about what KIND of device (Graphics card, Mouse, Screen, ...) it is. I'll try this! – slightlyparallel Jul 23 '10 at 17:39

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