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I have a data file with a bunch of lat/long positions. Is there any mapping software out there (google maps, etc) that will allow me to import the positions from the file and plot them on a map? I would be this can be done through google maps but I'm not sure how to do it. I just want something that I can use quickly with a minimal amount of programming to do. I don't need to annotate anything. Just view where the points are on the map. I'm just wondering if there is something already available out there to import into google maps.

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For overlaying your own data on google maps and not installing anything:

For download and install software, ESRI's free ArcGIS Explorer can add CSV files, as well as some other formats. If you're partial to open source there are also uDig and QGIS which can do the same.

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Google Earth pro can import CSV files with lat/long or vector data.

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