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$ gpg -ear XXXXXXX
gpg: XXXXXXXX: skipped: unusable public key

$ gpg --debug-ignore-expiration -ear XXXXXXXX
gpg: Invalid option "--debug-ignore-expiration"

How to encrypt? There are no updates for the key available from keyservers. Messages should be seen if user still has that expired key or not seen at all.

Is there some --just-do-that-I-want option that will allow to do this without of changing the source code of GPG?

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  1. Start UML (user mode linux)
  2. Set date inside UML to acceptable range.
  3. Encrypt message in UML
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Can also fake the date using libfaketime. Same idea as answer, but might be easier for some. – rob Dec 3 '12 at 5:48

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