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I have a 10-year old tablet computer that I picked up for a song a few years ago. It works fine for me as a wireless webcam server.

It uses a stylus and eventually I scratched the protective film letting in air bubbles, now the film is slowly separating from the device.

picture here:

enter image description here

Is the film replaceable/repairable in a DIY fashion or is it a goner? I hate to toss working tech but it's certainly not worth sending out for repair.

NOTE: The computer itself still works great, but the screen surface is no longer smooth and further stylus use just snags on the breaks and bubbles in the film.

UPDATE: It turns out the protective film is not just the thin sheet but the thicker plastic underneath as well. The adhesive is old enough to just pull up now. I tried this unsuccessfully a few years ago and stopped, thinking I might break it. A little alcohol on a cotton swab to clean away the last bits of dried adhesive and I'm good to go! Thanks for your help guys.

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Try to search eBay, maybe there are some protective films for this model there. If not, then find a device with the same, or bigger screen size and trim it to fit.


I've found several on eBay for ~23.50 USD. Probably you can find it on amazon too, if you prefer it.

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You can buy replacement films for products like this.

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