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Can i install an OS so it would have the same drivers as the host computer?

So, then i could create a backup from the OS and just revert it to my hostcomputer. Could this work ? (or any alternatives)

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This can sort of work. I have used a disk image program then used that image to create a VM, but all virtualiztion products I have used create their own virtual hardware so what really happens is when you first boot the image in a VM it will go through hardware detection and install drivers - at that point it is no longer a match to the machine the image came from - but the old drivers are still available in the image. I use VirtualBox and Image for Windows but a simple way to try your idea out is to use a MS tool Disk2VHD and then use VirtualPC (free). making a disk image is a good way to do a system back up - you could look also at clonezilla if you just want to use a disk image to do a backup.

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No, it wouldn't work and it won't work.
Basically you emulate some hardware. You just can't use the exact same stuff.
(Maybe XEN? Beats me)

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