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In KDE's menu editor, one can click on the "Advanced tab" and then set a keyboard shortcut to launch an application.

How can I emulate that functionality in LXDE?

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It might not emulate the functionality completely, but it can run commands via keyboard shortcuts.

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More documentation is here:

on OpenSuSE, one edits the appropriate file in ~/.config/openbox, namely ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml, and can update the running configuration with openbox-lxde --reconfigure

I added the following in the <keyboard> section,

<!-- Maximize commands -->
<keybind key="W-Up">
    <action name="ToggleMaximizeFull" />

<keybind key="W-S-Up">
    <action name="ToggleMaximizeVert" />

<keybind key="W-S-Down">
    <action name="ToggleMaximizeHorz" />

<!-- application execute commands -->
<keybind key="W-f">
    <action name="Execute">

<keybind key="W-t">
    <action name="Execute">

<!-- logout -->
<keybind key="C-A-S-Delete">
    <action name="Exit">

<!-- window movement -->
<keybind key="W-A-Up">
    <action name="MoveToEdgeNorth"/>

<keybind key="W-A-Down">
    <action name="MoveToEdgeSouth"/>

<keybind key="W-A-Left">
    <action name="MoveToEdgeWest"/>

<keybind key="W-A-Right">
    <action name="MoveToEdgeEast"/>
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