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I completely wiped out my widows xp and removed it from the hard drive. I want to get windows 7 Ultimate, but the prices are all over the ball park. So is it the OS program that I need? Will I need something else? Yeah, I'm confused. Any help would be great

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Can you be more specific about what yours unsure about? – jer.salamon Jul 25 '10 at 2:13
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There are three classes of pricing for Windows. In order of cost:

  1. Upgrade. The upgrade options runs about $173. Even though you removed the Windows XP install, you should still have the license. That means you should be eligible. However, some Windows XP editions are not eligible and you didn't share which edition you had used previously.I remember reading this, but I can't find a reference so I'm striking it for now.
  2. OEM. The OEM version runs about $175 and is technically only for distribution with new hardware. You probably don't qualify. That said, it will probably install, run and validate just fine.
  3. Retail. The full retail version runs about $275. You will be eligible for this edition, but of course you must pay an extra $100 to get it. For that $100 you also get the right to transfer it to a new machine some day, a privilege that is not included with either of the other editions.

If you find prices lower than this, it's probably not a legitimate offer.

*All prices current at time of original post, but are likely to have changed since.

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Answer to your question is yes you need the OS version because windows 7 is an OS. If your specific about other parts please ask.

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