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I'm on Windows xp, sp2. No hack for concurrent sessions installed. I want to simply execute a single command on remote desktop, and nothing else, no gui etc required, as either the user who's already logged in, or as a different user. I already have admin permission. The command will not be gui-based, and I don't want to install a software on either host or client. Can someone tell me how to do that, if its possible.

The machine to which I will remote desktop is: Windows xp sp2. I will remote desktop from linux.

EDIT: I can remote desktop from Windows xp+ too, however, I prefer a solution for Linux.

EDIT: My major concern is that the user currently logged in should not be logged off.

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Running a command on a remote machine can be done in multiple ways: PowerShell remoting, pssexec, remote desktop (psexec is probably the easiest for a one shot use), but these will all either create a new session or run as system.

I.e. they won't run as the logged in user on that remote machine.

If you don't really need to run as the logged in user see above. Otherwise group policy to set a login script might be the simplest approach.

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