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Is there a way to find all movie files in my laptop (Windows Vista)?

I have stored them on so many places. currently I don't know what to do and how to find those?

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Try this AQS query in the search box: kind:video. See this handy search syntax reference: – bwDraco Oct 4 '15 at 3:20
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You could also try using WinDirStat. It'll show all your files as colored rectangles. Bigger rectangles will show bigger files. On the right, you'll have a list of extensions. This way you'll be able to select all files of certain type by clicking on their extension on the right and graphically see their size.

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+1 True, this would be a good overview to know where everything is. The only problem is that this takes long to scan and consumes a lot of memory... – Tom Wijsman Jul 25 '10 at 18:19
@TomWij: True, but you usually only need to do it once, then you know where stuff is... – sleske Jul 25 '10 at 19:43

Use Everything and search for the following:

*.3gp | *.avi | *.flv | *.mkv | *.mov | *.mpg | *.rm | *.vob | *.wmv

Or only list the file extensions that you think it could be, I listed the most popular.

Movies tend to be big so you could sort on the size column to get them together...

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The regular Windows Vista search can do that, just search for video filetypes. Another great and quick alternative is Everything from voidtools. You can use filters like *.avi to narrow files down to just AVI for example.

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  1. Run cmd
  2. cd \
  3. Use the this command: dir *.avi, *.flv, *.mkv, *.rm /s /b or dir *.avi, *.flv, *.mkv, *.rm /s /b >playlist.txt to pipe it to a file.

These file extensions are just sample. You can add more.

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Then he have to find this separately for each partition by typing this and what if he has many partition? – avirk Jun 7 '12 at 10:23

Some times Windows is not as user friendly as it is supposed to be – for example, i wanted to find all the pictures in my computer.

The search in Windows 7 is not so clear on how to perform this task ( XP had this feature )

To search for all “certain kind” of media or files you can do the following trick

Go to the folder you want to search.

On the search bar to the top-right type "kind". You should see a dropdown of various kinds of search criteria – choose the one you want and hit Enter

  • If you want to find all pictures, the search would be kind:=picture
  • If you want to search for pictures and something else then it would be kind:=music OR kind:=pictures OR kind:=videos
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