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I'm looking for a graphics editor suited for Pixel Editing. On Windows there is Graphics Gale or Pro Motion, but the only thing I found on Mac OS X that comes close ceased development 4 years ago - Pixen.

What I like is a) support for layers, b) the ability to see the image in different zoom levels at the same time, c) Animation Support and d) it's an OS X app and not GTK or AIR.

Of course, Pixen works just fine, but I still wonder if there are comparable alternatives?

PS: Surprised that Mac OS X doesn't come with a simple MSPaint program...

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Pixen doesn't work for me - try opacity below 100%, and it completely miscalculates the color. I am not sure what the issue is, but trying a 50% opacity for something like azure color results in it drawing pink pixels. Blending bugs? –  amn Sep 7 '12 at 17:56

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Pixen is still being actively developed. Its new homepage can be found here.

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Unfortunately it is no longer being developed as an open source project. –  Vortico Mar 30 at 7:52
@Vortico source code is still available via github. Can you elaborate what you mean by not being developed as an open source project? –  Unode Mar 30 at 17:10

PikoPixel is a free editor for static (non-animated) pixel-art.

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How about the GIMP? It's free, open source and pretty full featured. I can't say I'm sure it does all you want though. Here's the download page for OS X.

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I just found Grafx2 which is a sort of Deluxe Paint type program. It might be a bit simpler and less fiddly than trying to bend Photoshop or other "professional" pieces of software into such a simple task.

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Besides Seashore most of what I've seen is shareware or other commercial.

I like Pixelmator pretty much. It's no Photoshop, but it's pretty good. Acorn isn't quite as good (for me) but it's got some unique features (screencap-to-layers, advanced filters,...).

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Although those are very good apps, I don't think they are oriented at 'pixel editing'. I know, they are great for editing bitmap images, but I think the OP is in need of something more like a sprite editor designed to work with individual pixels. –  Sergio Acosta Jul 26 '10 at 5:48

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