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I'm trying to do the following

identify somefile.jpg

and I get the following:


dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libfontconfig.1.dylib
  Referenced from: /usr/local/bin/identify
  Reason: no suitable image found.  Did find:
    /opt/local/lib/libfontconfig.1.dylib: mach-o, but wrong architecture
Trace/BPT trap

Do you know how to resolve this? BTW, I have Mac OS X Snow Leopard

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identify is part of MacPorts or fink or similar. You probably built your code on one architecture, migrated to a new machine, but didn't rebuild your MacPorts/fink/whatever code. Do a "clean" and re-build everything.

For macports first try:

$ sudo port selfupdate

If that doesn't work them it might be easiest to just uninstall macports and start again. See for details of how to do this.

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Thanks Paul. Could you please advise how to clean and rebuild everything? I use MacPorts – Tam Jul 26 '10 at 7:43
@Tam: I've added info for macports to the answer above. – Paul R Jul 26 '10 at 16:16
Thanks. That seems to have resolved it! it might have been that I recovered my Leopard System from Time Machine to Snow Leopard and it copied old files. – Tam Jul 27 '10 at 16:09

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