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I installed pidgin on my windows 7 64 bit.

I want to have a theme, and found a lot of theme libary e.g.:

Every single site in the world tells me something about a theme changer and a "Common Files/GTK+/Theme" Folder.

But in my whole windows installation is no GTK+ Folder and I have no idea what to do.

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The Pidgin FAQ addresses this issue. First, you need to obtain a GTK Theme switcher. The recommended downloading GTK+ Themes and GTK+ Theme Switcher, which can be obtained through this Sourceforge project. Then, copy the lib and share directories from GTK+ Themes into <Pidgin Installation Directory>\Gtk directory, merging with the existing directories. Then, copy gtk2_prefs.exe from the GTK Theme Switcher zip file into your <Pidgin Installation Directory>\Gtk\bin directory. Run gtk2_prefs.exe to choose a new theme - be sure to "Apply to all users".

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Have you tried GTK-Win and especially GTK-PreferenceTool ?

alt text

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