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I have Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.06 GHz, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate with 80 GB Hard disk & 1.50 GB of RAM. I also have a Western Digital 500 GB of external hard disk. Recently, I heard about Ready Boost. When I tried to Ready Boost my external hard disk, it said this hard disk cannot be used for Ready Boost. I didn't like that. I dont know why it happened... :( I recently lost both my 4 GB USB drives. I anyhow use my external HD for Ready Boost. Please help me regarding this.

Thanks in advance... :)

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ReadyBoost is meant for use with flash-based media. If you have a 500gb drive, is it flash? If it is a normal drive (i.e. platters and spindles) it will not work with ReadyBoost. Only solid-state drives (no moving parts).

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ReadyBoost isn't designed for use with regular hard drives. The set of requirements is pretty detailed, but in practice it means only flash-based media is fast enough to be used for ReadyBoost. I'd recommend you look here for the exact specifics, but basically you shouldn't expect to use ReadyBoost with anything but a thumb drive.

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